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Best Hiking in Beavers Bend State Park

Located just outside of Beavers Bend State Park, Broken Bow is well known as the place to be for outdoor activities. The ultimate way to experience the renowned nature in the area is to fully immerse yourself in it. Get ready to hit the trails after we share some of the best hiking in Beavers Bend State Park with you.

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Please enjoy this list of some of our most beloved hiking trails in Beavers Bend State Park.

Friends Trail Loop

Rated: Moderate | Length: 1.5 miles | Type: Loop

One of the most popular trails at the park, Friends Loop Trail, is also one of the newest trails. Running parallel to Lower Mountain Fork River, this trail is well-maintained and very popular for running and hiking. This hike may be short, but it still offers breathtaking views.

Tree Trail

Rated: Easy | Length: 1.2 miles | Type: Loop

Offering much more than just views of trees, Tree Trail is the perfect short and easy outdoor excursion. This trail offers views of different native trees in the park, rock formations, and Beaver Creek. Take time at the beginning or end of your hike to check out the Forest Heritage Center Museum to learn more about the area's history.

Spill Way Loop

Rated: Moderate | Length: 4.0 miles | Type: Loop

Are you looking for a waterfall hike? Check out Spill Way Loop to see some of the most accessible water scenery the park has to offer. Expect a few rocky sections of the trail (make sure to wear good shoes!) This trail is open all year round, but check it out in late spring through early summer to see the wildflowers in full bloom.

Skyline Trail

Rated: Hard | Length: 9.5 miles | Type: Loop

For a longer adventure, Skyline Trail offers a little bit of everything. Views along this 9.5-mile hike include waterfalls, lakes, rivers, wildflowers, and more! Expect a few rocky and steep sections of the trail. Rated as difficult, we recommend starting early in the morning and going with other people to ensure you have enough time to safely get back to your car if you plan to fish or bird-watch.

Lookout Mountain Loop

Rated: Moderate | Length: 2.9 miles | Type: Loop

Take some time to see the sites on Lookout Mountain Loop trail. This trail offers some stunning views and must-see lookouts at multiple parts of the hike. Expect to see some steep inclines on this trail... but don't worry; the views are worth it! We recommend this trail between April and October to best avoid the mud present from the babbling stream you will walk along.

There you have it! We hope you enjoy this list of some of the best hiking in Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma. Broken Bow is a treasure to the outdoor community. Whether you are looking for a couples getaway, a family vacation, or anything in between, there is something to do (or hike!) at everyone's activity level.

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